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Debian 11 and Podman: fixing ping inside the containers

28/09/2021 juliogonzalez 0

After updating one of my servers to from Debian 10 to Debian 11 I decided to get start getting rid of Docker and use Podman instead.

One of the containers is running checkmk, and after switching to Podman, everything was working except that the ping command failed to ping any IP or hostname at all. Same for the check_icmp and check_ping commands that were working just fine at Docker.

First stop: containers do not have NET_RAW capability by default. But even specifying it, or even using –cap-add=ALL, the container could still not ping anything.

It seems that enabling net.ipv4.ping_group_range is required, and despite systemd 243 should have it according to the link, systemd 247 on Debian 11 does not configure it.

So while that is sorted out, I ran:

sysctl net.ipv4.ping_group_range="0 2147483647" 

And then created a file /etc/sysctl.d/ping_group_range.conf with the following content (for persistance):

net.ipv4.ping_group_range = 0 2147483647

And ping, as well as check_icmp and check_ping started to work again

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Fixing pymssql 2.1.5 from pip to work on CentOS7

26/09/2020 juliogonzalez 0

Updating the tds_fdw Continuous Integration to test CentOS7, I noticed pymsql 2.1.5 could not connect anymore to our Azure SQL Database and all I could get was:

pymssql.OperationalError: (20002, 'DB-Lib error message 20002, severity 9:\nAdaptive Server connection failed (\n')

Enabling TDS debugging revealed that, for some reason, the Azure SQL database just rejected the logging information:

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optirun/primusrun on openSUSE Leap 15.2

05/09/2020 juliogonzalez 0

After updating to from openSUSE Leap 15.1 to openSUSE Leap 15.2, the good optirun command stopped working, even with all the Nvidia required packages installed:

$ optirun -b primus ./  
primus: fatal: failed to load any of the libraries: /usr/lib64/nvidia/
/usr/lib64/nvidia/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
/usr/lib/nvidia/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

The thing is that in the end I do not want to switch the graphics card using prime-select, as that means using the card for everything, and requires closing the session.

So thanks to this reddit post I noticed that there could be a solution.

Running (as root):

ln -s /usr/X11R6/lib/ /usr/lib/nvidia/
ln -s /usr/X11R6/lib64/ /usr/lib64/nvidia/

And ready, optirun runs fine once again. And it seems primusrun works as well.

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Debian 10: some docker containers are not starting

31/08/2019 juliogonzalez 1

I just updated several of my boxes to Debian 10 Buster, including one virtual server I have to build and update Docker images for CI purposes.

Suddenly the containers for CentOS6 using centos:centos6 image refused to start for no reason. It didn’t matter if I tried to run sh or bash (for example with docker run -ti -u root --rm centos:centos6 /bin/bash). No error from the command docker at all. Just the prompt again.

The exact same Docker image worked fine on my openSUSE Leap 15.1.


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Automating the Tibco Spotfire Webplayer installer

21/02/2016 juliogonzalez 0

Tibco Spotfire is one of the commercial options for Business Intelligence Analytics, with several different components available to be installed.

Some of the components, such as Tibco Spotfire Server (which is the core of the Tibco Spotfire platform), are more or less easy to automate if you decided to go for the GNU/Linux version as it works on Red Hat, and you can use Oracle as DB, even as AWS RDS (I will create another post for this).

But some other components can be tricky, specially those running on Microsoft Windows.


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Removing unwanted files from GIT repositories

13/01/2014 juliogonzalez 0

A lot of times you inherit a repository with several binaries which cause an exponential size growth if they’re modified. But a GIT repository should not host binaries. In fact no VCS should host those files.

Other times a developer (or yourself) uploads something mistake that shouldn’t be on the repository.

In either case you’ll want to delete those files.

I tried several guides but it never worked as supposed because they don’t update all the branches on the repository and therefore the file is never deleted.

So let’s go: (more…)

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Epson Stylus SX430 bajo Debian GNU/Linux y Ubuntu

23/09/2012 juliogonzalez 0

Los siguientes pasos son las instrucciones para instalar una impresora multifunción Epson Stylus SX430 bajo Debian GNU/Linux o Ubuntu. No obstante serán aplicables para muchas otras multifución similares de Epson o incluso para distribuciones basadas en RPM ya que, por suerte, la empresa está distribuyendo controladores.

Mis instrucciones se dirigen a usuarios de consola (apt-get, dpkg…) porque es el entorno que encuentro más cómodo. Pero es perfectamente posible hacerlo usando Synaptic o cualquier otro gestor de paquetes para entorno gráfico. Ten en cuenta que si usas Ubuntu y quieres ejecutar los pasos vía consola, debes hacerlo a través de sudo.


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Servidor FTP seguro con Debian y ProFTPD

16/07/2011 juliogonzalez 0

Uno de los antiguos servicios básicos de Internet es, sin duda, el que hoy día sigue generando mayor peligro en nuestros sistemas: FTP o File Transfer Protocol, es decir Protocolo para la Transferencia de Ficheros, que aunque va siendo reemplazado cada día mas por las redes P2P y el protocolo HTTP sigue teniendo una gran importancia.

¿Cual es el problema de FTP? Sencillamente que todas las transferencias se hacen sin ningún tipo de cifrado, por lo que todos los comandos y datos (y lo que es más grave, los datos de usuario y contraseña) que enviemos y recibamos pueden ser capturados por terceras personas.