Recruiters FAQ

Q1: Why this?

A1: I am happy to receive offers, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to answer all requests from recruiters, specially those that only have something like “I have an interesting offer, please share your CV”.

Q2: What would you like to see on a first message from a recruiter?

A2: At least a short description of the position, including: project/company, technologies, salary range, and remote work policy.

Q3: Are you considering changing your job?

A3: At the moment, not really. However I am always open to hear about new opportunities and maybe I can recommend you people.

Q4: Are you available for relocation?

A4: No. But I can consider offers that allow remote work.

Q5: Can you consider a change if the company is in Madrid?

A5: I do not care where the company is, as long as I can work remotely.

Q6: Can you send me your CV/resume?

A6: You have all the information you may need at my Linkedin Profile. And you can even export the CV from there,

Q7: Can I contact you if my offer does not include remote work?

A7: Absolutely! I can give you references for other people and we can stay in touch for the future. But please provide details so I can see who is interested.

Q8: Can I contact you if I can not provide any details about the offer?

A8: Yes, but you will be low on the queue and it will take more time until I can reply to your message.

Q9: Do you hate recruiters?

A9: Absolutely not. Their world is a jungle. I saw with my very own eyes that some companies have this stupid policy of getting X CVs per day, and recruiters do it because otherwise they get fired. I will be happy if you send this FAQ to your managers.