Let’s encrypt SSL certificates at cPanel automatically and without native support (for example at Namecheap)

Maybe you are already aware that StartSSL free certificates are no longer an option after Google and Mozilla decided to distrust StartCom, and only certificates issued before October 21st will be valid, while any others issued after that date will provoke alerts at Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and potentially any other software.

Fortunately, we have Let’s Encrypt free certificates, if you are able to automate renewals (as the certificates expire after just three months).

Usually, this is not a problem if you control your systems. There are a lot of different solutions to automate renewals and installation, using python, bash and a lot of other different languages, and with good integration with several different services such as Apache HTTP or nginx.

However playing with shared hosting as I do for some of my webpages, is a different matter. (more…)

Automating the Tibco Spotfire Webplayer installer

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Published on: 21/02/2016

Tibco Spotfire is one of the commercial options for Business Intelligence Analytics, with several different components available to be installed.

Some of the components, such as Tibco Spotfire Server (which is the core of the Tibco Spotfire platform), are more or less easy to automate if you decided to go for the GNU/Linux version as it works on Red Hat, and you can use Oracle as DB, even as AWS RDS (I will create another post for this).

But some other components can be tricky, specially those running on Microsoft Windows.


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