Nexus on OpenShift using the official jetty bundle

For the last two years, I was using Shekhar Gulati GitHub repository to manage my personal Sonatype Nexus service. Deploying to OpenShift was easy, and I could get Nexus running in less than five minutes.

However, this repository was using Nexus as a war file in Tomcat, something which is now deprecated by Sonatype, and won’t be provided for the upcoming 3.0 release. Besides that, the war doesn’t include support for NPM or Ruby gems, and uploading new war files to the repository was slow and inefficient.

So I decided to learn a little bit more of OpenShift and started playing with the hooks and the deployment. And after some hours, I finally have a repository which is able to deploy Nexus downloading the official jetty bundle distribution directly from Sonatype’s site (no more binaries at the repository), is able to check if the start and stop hooks are working and is able to easily update Nexus for the future (as each Nexus version will live in a separate directory).

Needless to say, NPM and Ruby Gems support is also available.

Finally, I created a Jenkis Job to check that new changes don’t break the deployments.

So give it a try, enjoy Nexus on OpenShift (even for free!) and let me know if you have any problems by opening an issue at the repository.

By the way: starting today, I’m subscribed to Sonatype Nexus mailing list, so when there’s a new update, I’ll try to update both the repository for OpenShift and the repository for RPM as soon as possible

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