How to unbrick a TP-Link TL-WA860RE v1

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Published on: 17/09/2018

Short story: a member of my family got a refurbished TP-Link repeater TL-WA860RE v1 from Amazon a while ago. He tried to configure it but could not, so just stored it in the box until during the last month, I arrived to his home and asked him about the repeater.

As he told me he was not able to make it work, I gave it a try. The repeater was able to provide an IP address by DHCP, but status LED was always yellow, the WebUI was not available, and of course there was no way of configuring it.

In the end I discovered that the previous owner failed flashing a firmware on the device, so I saw a lot of errors regarding USB subsystem, kernel modules and even Squash Filesystem: (more…)

Easy and fast backup (and recovery!) for huge PostgreSQL instances at AWS

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Published on: 01/02/2016

Usually you have several options when you want to backup PostgreSQL instances. First stop would be the offical doc. But at some point dumping data, or stopping the instance would not be enough. Of course, you could also go for the incremental backups using the Write Ahead Log (WAL).

But what if you want fast backups, with fast recovery, and your instance is really huge? (more…)

3com812: Como “flashear” el router y reinstalar el firmware desde cero

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Published on: 16/07/2011

Entrada recuperada del blog antiguo: Sáb, 17/05/2005

Nota importante: Aunque las indicaciones contenidas en este documento han funcionado adecuadamente en las ocasiones en que se ha necesitado, no me responsabilizo por los posibles daños y/o perjuicios que el uso que la información aquí contenida pueda causar. Usa este documento bajo tu propia responsabilidad y riesgo.

¿Problemas con tu router 3com 812? ¿Necesitas flashearlo? Es relativamente fácil si se siguen unos cuantos pasos en el orden adecuado. Los únicos requerimientos básicos son saber manejar mínimamente MS-DOS o la linea de comandos de los sistemas Windows NT, 200X o XP, saber configurar el router para conectarse a tu ISP y usar el sentido común.


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